EMDR Training

EMDR Training is ideal for not-for-profit agencies and private practitioners wishing to learn how to utilize EMDR in their therapies.

As a licensed trainer of EMDR Training with EMDR Consulting, Susan provides EMDRIA-approved training written by Roy Kiessling, whom has been a Senior Trainer for EMDR HAP and the EMDR Institute.

What does EMDR Training include?

Training involves learning new ways to manage trauma activation with the goal of keeping your client stable and grounded while processing traumatic memories.

You will learn how to work with specialty populations including children, couples and those suffering from anxiety, addictions, dissociation and other topics. 10 hours of post-training consultation is included in your training rate.

To read more about EMDR Training visit emdrconsulting.com.

EMDR Consultation

Susan provides EMDR consultation which may be done by phone or face-to-face, and can be done in groups or individually.

Consultation is available for newly trained professionals who need to complete their EMDRIA consultation hours, as well as professionals previously trained who would like to become more comfortable with EMDR technique and protocol.

Shrink inc. provides various forms of EMDR Consultation, including:

– Post-training for Weekend 1 and 2 from EMDR Consulting Trainings
– Certification for EMDR
– Approved Consultants in Training

We also provide consultations for anxiety disorders, trauma and dissociation disorders.


“Susan is a wonderfully competent, experienced and down-to-earth coach that has helped me gain confidence in my new EMDR skills.

Because of her training and guidance, many of my private practice clients have made significant progress and breakthroughs.

Thank you, Sue, for such a great training experience and opportunity to strengthen my therapeutic skills.”


“Sue is a dynamic trainer with years of experience, both as an EMDR Therapy clinician and presenter.

She frequently uses stories and humor to keep participants engaged in the learning process.

I would attend any additional trainings offered by Sue!”


“After attending a training presented by Sue Thompson, I now understand why she is one of the most sought after speakers in the community.

Sue was able to take a very complex subject and make it both practical and informative.

Sue was thoughtful in customizing her presentation to the audience and was skillfully engaging.

I definitely left there feeling more adept and proficient in the subject matter she presented.

I am thankful for her expertise and the ease in which she is able to communicate it. Brilliant! ”