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28 02, 2022

One More Message


Hi Folks,

I’ll be returning to half days on the week of March 7 and the week after that I will see more per day.

I hope I have contacted everyone to change or schedule appointments. If I have not contacted you, your appt. may be between 10am and 2pm and I didn’t change those times.

I’m doing real well and gradually getting my energy back. I hope you all did well while I was gone. Contact me if you don’t know if or when your appointments are. Text is easiest if you want a quicker reply.

I’m going gray, so that will be […]

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9 02, 2022

Bring on the Gray


Hi folks,

I hope you are all doing OK. I’m starting to feel more normal and my body has shaken out most of the side effects of the surgery.

My tumor cells from pathology show that they are the slowest growing cells there are, so the follow-up MRI is not for a whole year!

I had the best outcome possible.

I will be testing my hearing in 2 months to see how much hearing I have, it is hard to tell being home all the time.

I have made the decision to let my hair go gray, so I look […]

Bring on the Gray2022-02-09T07:04:40-06:00
29 01, 2022

I’m Getting There


Hi folks,

Still progressing and appreciate your support. I’m off pain meds now and feeling even better.

Hope you all are doing well, thinking of you all.


I’m Getting There2022-01-29T18:22:01-06:00
24 01, 2022

Football, Netflix and Puzzles


Hi folks,

Looks like a bunch of time passed since I have reported. I was ok when I got home and hit a rough patch for the next few days and my brain took a minute to say “Hey! What’s going on here!”.

I’ve moved past all that through the magic of the football playoffs. 3 days of football on television gave me time to sit and try to figure out the sport.

Have been resting and taking a walk every day, too.

Then there is the nap and some Netflix. I have a puzzle I am working on as my mental exercise.

Pain is managed […]

Football, Netflix and Puzzles2022-01-24T07:46:55-06:00
13 01, 2022

I’m back in not much action…


Hello friends,

I came home from the hospital today and am doing pretty good and glad to be home with the cats and my brother.

Glad to be on this side of it and now just need to recover and take it easy!

Will send out another notice in several days.


I’m back in not much action…2022-01-13T06:16:38-06:00
11 01, 2022

Post-Surgery Update to My Patients


Hello all, this is Michael [Sue’s brother] with an update on her operation.

Sue’s surgery was yesterday and lasted nine hours.  I spoke with the surgeons right after and the operation went very well.  They were able to completely remove the tumor and there was no nerve damage done during the process.

She spent the night in the ICU under heavy medication and was pretty uncomfortable.

Her condition this morning was good enough to be moved out of ICU.  Today she gradually felt better and is up and moving around.

Her recovery from the surgery is progressing well enough for her to possibly come home […]

Post-Surgery Update to My Patients2022-01-12T09:15:34-06:00
29 12, 2021

Pre-Surgery Update to My Patients


Hi Folks,

This is the blog you can use to track my progress on my surgery. It has no place to respond to ensure your privacy.

I am going in on Jan 10 and will spend about 4-5 days in the hospital.

Once I am able, I will post my progress.

Take care of yourselves and use the list I sent you if you need support.

Don’t hesitate to reach out, 2 months is a long time to wait for me!


Pre-Surgery Update to My Patients2022-01-12T09:16:09-06:00
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